Thai Hill Tribe Bags

Thai, Burmese, Laotian and Vietnamese Hill tribe people make a lot of handicrafts including superbly woven and embroidered textiles. Each tribe, Hmong, Akha, Lisu, Yao/Mien, Karen, Lahu have their own style and sub groups within a tribe can have their own styles as well. Of course, much of this is no longer made or made in very small quantities as modern life reaches up into the hills. Some of these textiles get made into bags.

The use of vintage fabrics means that there may be slight imperfections…this only adds to the character of the bag, making it even more unique. It is part of the bag's charm.

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Lisu Zip Purse Green

Green purse with multicoloured embroidery made by Lisu women for Thai Fair Trade organisation. ..


Yao Small Carry Bag

Small carry bag made from Yao embroidery. Made from a good quality piece of embroidery in good condi..


Lahu Zip Purse

Small zip purse made from Lahu embroidery for Thai Free Trade.The Lahu people are an ethnic group of..


Small Hmong Purse 3

Small woven cotton zip purse with Hmong embroidery decoration on front and coin, cowrie shell and be..


Jungle Vine Bag 5 Sold

Jungle Vine Bag 5

These bags are made in Laos from the Kheuapiad, jungle vine collected in the jungles north of Luang ..


Lisu Zip Purse Jade Green

Dark green purse with multicoloured embroidery made by Lisu women for Thai Fair Trade organisation.&..


Karen Zip Purse 3

Red, white and black purse with a zip that runs around two sides. Made by Karen tribeswomen for Thai..


Hmong Embroidery Carry Bag Sold

Hmong Embroidery Carry Bag

Lovely carry bag from Hanoi made out of very colourful Hmong embroidery patches. The main part of th..