Indigo Dyed Shibori

The combination of Indigo dye and Japanese Shibori dyeing techniques is irresistible to any textile lover. So we have been making quite a lot of shibori T-shirts, dresses, other bits of clothing and wall hangings. Sometimes we find good condition second hand clothes and sometimes we use brand new pieces but whichever it is, we think about what style of shibori works best for each piece and then individually hand dye them in our natural indigo dye vat.

Everything is cotton, linen or silk - 100% natural fibres only, not for any ideological reason, but because indigo dye won't attach to synthetics. If a great shirt has even 2% Elastine, we can't use it

Just about everything here is white with indigo dye - intense blue and bright white is a combination that is hard to beat. T-shirts are mostly new, whereas everything else is likely to be good quality secondhand. When we go out hunting for clothes to dye, it takes along time to find some good quality pieces - they to be a good bright white and a have some personality before we will take them home to meet the dye vat.

Our wall hangings are on silk or cotton drill (cotton heavy enough to hang nicely) and can be made to size. Just email us if you want a particular size and pattern.

Lastly, please note, we are not a big industrial dye house, we are a small backyard setup and as such, we do not achieve perfect results. Sometimes blue gets where it shouldn't and sometimes the large areas of blue are not all one perfect shade. We do not "fix" them by adding colour or bleaching it away when it gets where it shouldn't. What comes out of the vat is what you get. We use natural indigo, not synthetic and try to use organics instead of strong chemicals at every stage.