Lisu Cosmetics Bag

Lisu Cosmetics Bag
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This hand stitched cosmetic bag is made from the Hmong tribal fabric and looks beautiful. Zip closure keeps everything safe inside. 

The white hand stitches on tribal fabric, use of hand-selected and custom-designed tassel, pom pom, handle and zipper makes this bag virtually impossible to replicate by any machines.

The beautifully designed outside fabric comes from the Hmong tribe, and the handle, tassel and the pom pom come from the Lisu tribe. Both tribes are from the northern mountains of Thailand. The soft interior, which is 100% cotton and bleach-washed to stabilize the color, is a special fabric from Chiang Mai. There is a thin foam between the interior and exterior fabric, for shape, stability and strength.

The tassel, pom pom and the zipper are all hand selected and color-matched. The zipper used in this bag is of durable high-quality. The color of the pom pom matches the color of the zipper, and the color of the handle matches the color of the outside fabric.

This bag feels soft, comfortable, feminine, light, and beautiful.

The choice between the three colours (red, orange and green) only affects the tassel, pompom and zip. All bags are made from the same black material with floral emblems and white Kantha style stitching.

27cm wide x 18 cm high