Karen Shoulder Bag

Sold Karen Shoulder Bag
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A superb large shoulder bag made from Karen textiles. A truly great looking bag, made from very nice textiles from the Karen tribe. The bag has a great leather strap that is riveted to the bag and a zip closure. Inside the bag has one zipped pocket and another double pocket. The square bottom of the bag means that it has a large capacity. The exterior of the bag is gorgeous, with excellent embroidery, beads, multi coloured tassels and metal balls attached. The leather strap has four white stomes embedded within it. All in all, a real beauty.

The Karen are one of the largest hilltribes in south-east Asia with a total population of over three million spread throughout Burma, Laos and Thailand. They are well known as highly skilled textile workers.

Base of the bag is 30cm square, height is 42cm, and the zip opening is 44cm wide. Strap drop is 42cm