Bundi Embroidered Carry Bag 3

Bundi Embroidered Carry Bag 3
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A long shoulder/carry bag made from pieces of old Indian textiles, adorned with various cowrie shells, beads, sequins and tassels. Opens with a zip and has a single zipped internal pocket.

This one has a base of cream with embroidery in pale blues, soft greys, caramels and other colours that all work very well. 

India is the home of the most astonishing range of textiles, from the simply beautiful to the most gaudy. So there was no problem finding suitably colourful pieces of material to make these bags from. Rather, the makers were spoilt for choice. But they have put these bags together with an unerring eye for colour and design. While each bag is made from maybe 20 pieces, they have been chosen well as they all work together.61cm wide x 32 cm tall