Technicolour Backpack

Technicolour Backpack
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This bag was inspired by the bags used by Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. It was created with very wide straps and a bold box shaped body. The straps are made out of pure cotton and the body of the bag is made out of handloomed cotton. The robe bag is fairly large and can carry a substantial amount of weight without heavy stress on the shoulders due to the dispersion of the pressure by the wide straps.

This one is a  gorgeous rainbow of colour

These bags are from the nicest people we deal with anywhere. Not only is their mission to revitalize the art of handloom and empower creative artisans in Sri Lanka by producing fun and stylish products for the world to enjoy., but they also have a one for one schoolbag program. For each bag that is purchased a school bag is provided to a child in rural Sri Lanka.

The Handloom is a manual machine that is used by weavers in Sri Lanka to create authentic material.