Colombo Drawstring Sack - Blue Patchwork

Colombo Drawstring Sack - Blue Patchwork
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This is a pure handloom stringy bag in a funky blue and white patchwork colour. Traditionally Stringy Bags are made with very cheap material by athletic companies. but no these ones, they are made from the happiest colours available from local handloom producers in Sri Lanka. Each bag is carefully made with french seams to reduce fraying and decorated with contrast piping and strings to add that little extra spark. We hope the bright colors can bring a little creativity and inspiration into your day.

Stringy Bags are great for trips to the beach, picnics, the gym, amusement parks. You can even use a stringy bag to replace your backpack! These are slightly smaller than a regular backpack.They can carry up to 20kg(44lbs) but we suggest travelling light because that's more fun. Due to the strength of the fabric they should last you a long time. Feel free to throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty, the colors won't run.

Each bag has a draw string top and one internal zipped pocket.

Each one of these bags is slightly different - by which we mean that the arrangement of the patchwork is a bit different in each one. If you are worried about what your bag looks like, email us or ring us and we can arrange to send you shots of each bag and you can choose yours.