Old Banjarra Textile Shoulder Bag 4

Old Banjarra Textile Shoulder Bag 4
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These bags started life as dowry bags and we have added a simple strap to make each one a shoulder bag. The original dowry bag would have held items jewels, gold, silver jewelrey or other  valuables that were part of a bride's dowry. This one is from the typical Banjarra material, a strong red cotton with yellow blue and white stitching, cowrie shells and tassels. A beautiful old piece, probably 40-50 yeas old. These are now very hard to find and are becoming collector's pieces.

Banjarra are a tribe of north Indian origin who moved south into the Deccan plateau more than 300 years ago as workers for the emperor Aurangzeb. They are sometimes called India's gypsies and may have some connection the the Romany and Gypsy people of Europe.

32cm wide x 33cm tall