Batik Patchwork Moon Spoon Bag 5

Batik Patchwork Moon Spoon Bag 5
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Moon Spoon is made from patchwork of old batik material that has a nice soft feel. The half round shape, the muted colours and the pleated construction look great. The bag is lined with more batik, has one small pocket and a full width zip.

42cm across at the zip

34cm from the zip to the bottom

Old batiks are turned into large patchwork lengths of material and shipped all over Indonesia, particularly to Bali, where it is turned into all manner of goods. Lots of people make bags, but not many make them as well as Emy. Her family makes the bags to Emy's designs which are what make them stand out from the crowd - better shapes, better ideas, better quality. Four different bags - two sizes of carry bags, the interesting Tanaka that has a flat base and the curved Moon Spoon.