Atoni Small Shoulder Bag 1

Atoni Small Shoulder Bag 1
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A beautiful small shoulder bag/purse that was originally a man’s betel nut bag or Saku (Indonesian) or ALUK, as it is called by the local Atoni Timorese.

Handwoven in West Timor in the last quarter of the 20th century on a simple back-strap loom using various techniques including BUNA in which the weaver wraps embroider thread around her warp threads as she is weaving. Made from commercial thread and dyes in villages near Soe in the central highlands of West Timor

Kaif or hook and rhomb motif can be as simple or as intricate as the range displayed in these Aluk. Each hook represents a member of the weavers’ clan and each dot a totemic guardian spirit.

The condition of all of these bags is very good used, as collected in West Timor 20 years ago. This one shows some signs of usage - light stains - but the material and the embroidery are in very good shape

19cm wide x 21cm high