Rajasthan Embroidered Bag 45

Rajasthan Embroidered Bag 45
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Another very colourful bag - a great carry bag. It is made from Dhebaria Rabari embroidery in two different styles. The bag has a zip closure and one internal zipped pocket. The Dhebaria Rabari are Hindu pastoralist nomads from Kachcch. They produce the most vibrant mirrorwork embroidery in the north-west of India.

The front of this bag is spectacularly coloutful with white, yellow and orange chain stitched embroidery surrounding groups of  shisha mirrors that have been secured in place by button-hole stitching in red, green, scarlet, blue and pink all on vibrant deep red base material. Add in some coins, other metal objects and you have a very attractive bag. The back is more restrained but still very nice. It uses typical Rabari stylised symbols such as the parrot.Zip closure and one internal zipped pocket.

45cm wide, 30cm high