Buddha Amulet Necklace - Replica of Antique Indian Necklace - Bone Red Coral

Buddha Amulet Necklace - Replica of Antique Indian Necklace - Bone Red Coral
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A clay Phra Somdej amulet on a string of bone and red coral beads. The amulet which is protected by a good metal and plastic case

This necklace is a based on an antique necklace from Tibet. The original necklace was made of bone, red coral and shell beads. I find images of antique necklaces from Asia and Africa and recreate them with the same materials if available or with similar materials if necessary. I follow the colours and patterns of the original antique necklaces as closely as I can, but often have to vary the size of the beads or some other aspect.

The main function of Phra Somdej amulets ranges form protection from danger to enhance people relationship, from enhancing marriage relationship to enhancing health, from delivering us from demons to blocking disaster and from strengthening our career to adjusting the human aura field. Most importantly, it can help bring peace to different walks of life.

In general, the image used in most Phra Somdej amulets do not have eyes, nose and mouth. The Buddha image in Phra Somdej seated on the three-level throne representing heaven, people and earth. However, the Phra Somdej later appeared with five, seven, nine, ten level throne, as well as thirteen, but the concept of the throne is still the same. The meaning of Heaven, people and earth is to remind one must be humble, and everything was planned by the nature and God.

Necklace is 37cm drop plus the amulet which is 5cm high by 3cm by 1.5cm deep.

Materials: thai amulet, bone beads, red coral.

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