Buddha Bronze Amulet Necklace - Amazonite and Agate Beads

Sold Buddha Bronze Amulet Necklace - Amazonite and Agate Beads
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A triangular solid bronze amulet of Buddha on a string of Amazonite and two kinds of Agate.

Necklace is 37cm drop plus the amulet which is 5.5cm high by 3.5cm wide.

Materials: amulet, agates, amazonite.

The best amulets are created at individual Wats (Thai Buddhist temples) and blessed by the Wats' leading monk. The more important the Wat and the more famous the monk, the stronger the blessing, of course. Amulets can protect you from a whole catalogue of occurrences, they can bring you good health, wealth, a happy family and almost anything you can imagine. The average Thai will have several; some to wear, some to have around the house, some for the car and anywhere else they think necessary.

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