Handmade Pagi Soir Indonesian Kain Batik

Handmade Pagi Soir Indonesian Kain Batik
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A lovely Pagi Soir (day/night) Batik from East Java, made by hand with a Cap or Stem, an intricate large copper stamp used to repeatedly apply wax to the cloth. It is not made by mechanically printing onto the cotton..

A Pagi Soir batik is one that has two different designs on the same piece of material so that it can be worn showing one design during the day and a different one at night. This practice is said to have started during World War 2 when there was a shortage of cotton.

This one is a nice old soft cotton with a very dark blue (almost black) background in "Cecekan" (dotted) with a white and brown floral motifs. In very good condition.

A Kain is a piece of material about 2 or a bit more metres in length. This one is 106cm high by 236cm long.

A gorgeous example of a classic Indonesian batik.