Modern Indonesian Batik Tuli from Kudus

Modern Indonesian Batik Tuli from Kudus
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A lovely fully hand made Batik from Kudus in Central Java.

Tuli is the Indonesian word used to describe a batik that is totally handmade by "kanting" (pouring) the wax onto the material. It is not made by stamp or by mechanically printing onto the material. This is the traditional and most labour intensive way of making a batik.

Made by a true genius of modern batik, Ummu Asiyati, one of the leading lights of the modern rebirth of batik in Kudus, Indonesia. Kudus  was a centre of batik during the early and mid twentieth century which more or less disappeared until recently when two or three young local artists became interested in batik and revitalised the industry. It is now one of the real major modern centres to make artistic batik.

This one is a nice soft cotton with a blue and white background in "Galaran" (diagonal lines) with beautiful traditional motifs in green, dark blue, red and brown floral motifs. Additionally, as the thickness of the lines is slightly different on the two sides, the background colous looks different on each side. In very good condition.

A Kain is a piece of material about 2 or a bit more metres in length. This one is 104cm high by 252cm long.

A gorgeous example of a modern Indonesian batik.